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Applications and the Cloud Grabbing the Reins

As the foundation of IT system construction, Cloud Center will have an influence on the construction of enterprise IT systems and the core competitiveness.
  • Government H3C will continue to implement the new IT strategy, give full play to its outstanding innovation ability and unswervingly devote itself to the construction of government informatization. Learn More
  • Education Promoting the application of modern techniques and tools to enhance education and provide technical support. Learn More
  • Finance Standing firms with both existing and innovative technologies promote integrating services and the real economy. Learn More
  • Energy Applying next-gen information technology to the electric power industry is to boost the development of renewable energy. Learn More
  • Transportation Optimizing processes in the transportation industry to build an intelligent and internet-based transport network. Learn More
  • Manufacturing Integrating intelligent and manufacturing technologies are to achieve digital manufacturing. Learn More
  • Internet Supporting internet industry development with advanced technology and accelerating industrial cultivation and development. Learn More
  • Healthcare Making possible precision medicine, remoting medical diagnostics, and keeping the health information network maintenance. Learn More
  • Hotel & Properties Improving effectively the information management level and offering customers a milieu of services. Learn More
Connect+ For the purpose of "Driven by Applications, Everything Interconnected", H3C Application-Driven Networking Solution (AD-NET) provides a proactive, well-adapted, and versatile network. Learn More
Cloud H3C is devoted to becoming the best private cloud and hybrid cloud solution provider. H3C is a leader in cloud technology, practitioner of cloud applications, and builder of cloud ecosystems. Learn More
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